Los Angeles to Nebraska in Pictures

Here's a glimpse into my 3-day road trip from Los Angeles to Nebraska....
vacuum packed wardrobe
It's amazing how much space air can take up, and I didn't have room for that.
Goodbye air; Hello Clothes Jerky.
guinea pig
Thank God I didn't own this gem because he certainly wouldn't have fit in my car.
Two days before leaving LA I was riding down the highway in the passenger's seat of my friend's car, and in our peripherals we saw this giant rodent. 
I couldn't help but roll down my window to congratulate the owner.
"Nice Hamster," I said to the driver as we drove past.
He calmly turned toward me and replied, "It's a guinea pig."
My mistake. 
Isn't life just one giant guinea pig?
The Schmallow and I left LA the Monday before Thanksgiving. 
There were tears in the first stretch of road; I left behind six years of memories and a wealth of great people. I will miss you LA, but we both knew it was time for me to go.
I picked this one up in Arizona.
Kelsi has a thirst for knowledge the size of the Grand Canyon. 
I like that about her. 
Our moms grew up together in a miniature town in central Nebraska, but I met Kelsi in LA.
Some friendships are just meant to be.
no leg room
Day 2...Close quarters.  
Legs, not shown, have even less room than our torsos. 
Sorry, Kelsi.
cactus vs. human
 She so tiny.
pretty light
The Southwest has a very distinctive charm, especially at dawn.
corn nuts for breakfast
Corn Nuts + Coffee = Road Breakfast
kelsi is an eagle
Eastern Arizona is weird.
Trishawna is an alien.
And so are we.
Can you spot me in this picture?
(Didn't think so.)
We also stopped in Santa Fe, but we were so dazzled by the turquoise that we didn't take any pictures. 
snow in colorado
Day 3...I left Kelsi at her brother's in Colorado Springs. 
Thanks for joining me, Kelsi, you made the trip wonderful.
I had 8 hours of me time to go before joining my family in Newman Grove, Nebraska.
gas prices improve
Gas in Nebraska is half price.
cause for traffic
I was driving on this open Nebraska highway when I saw brake lights ahead. 
"Traffic?" I said to myself, "There can't be traffic."
After six years in LA, my brain has been trained to correlate brake lights and traffic jams.
Nope, just some wild turkeys crossing the road.
reason to go home
Speaking of wild turkeys...
Home sweet home. I don't think I have ever been so happy to be home. Our family gathers in one place only a few days a year, and I had already missed out on too much time.

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!
xo - Tikki

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