BEFORE//AFTER sessions: School Marm to Fire Alarm

"Open your textbooks to page 226." - this dress
I met Kira at an artist's retreat just two weeks after I moved to LA, making her one of the first people I met in this city. I was reminded of that fact when she came over for her BEFORE//AFTER session the other night.

Six years ago Kira had wavy dark brown hair down to her waist, a girlish version of the sophisticated and daring woman you see before you now. That long-haired girl described herself as an actress, which is still a lively part of her life, but Kira-of-today has found other abilities on which she is thriving. 

She's been career counseling at a local university, helping students draft powerful resumes. Kira discovered this skill when friends repeatedly asked her to critique their CVs. Now she plans to make it into a flourishing business. 

Oh, and she's writing a one-woman-show.

And she recently developed a crush on the Chronicles of Narnia.* 

It was appropriate to catch up on some of Kira's personal transformations as we transformed this denim dress from school marm to fire alarm. 
You probably ALREADY scrolled down to see it, you cheaters, 
but I formally present to you THE AFTER...
Transformation, BEFORE//AFTER, denim upcycle,
Here are the details...
  • We cut the dress to a more flattering length.  Goodbye awkward ankle grazer.
  • We took in the side seams to fit her waist perfectly. 
  • And even though I fought for that lovely high neck**, we finally agreed to scoop it out. After we were done, I was glad Kira insisted on the lower neckline.  It suits her.

What do YOU think of the transformation?

*I know this only because she kept weaving the books into the conversation like girls do when they like a guy.
**My mock neck obsession bleeds into high necks.
ps - I'm doing BEFORE//AFTER sessions through the end of October for only $35. 
E-mail me @ thegoldrushblogATgmailDOTcom to schedule your session. :) Guys are welcome too.

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  1. What a lovely article you wrote :) Thank you so much for your kindness and hard work on this dress. I love it! And you forgot to mention the part about you having to help me find a piece to alter out of rag bags because my initial choices were a bit questionable. Haha! I totally have a crush on the Narnia books, and eventhough we talked about meeting 6 years ago, I forgot you are one of the people who knew me when I had long hair!!! Crazy.