Think Bigger.

Two months of "debtbusting" have wizzed by.  I put debtbusting in quotations because I haven't made a lot of headway.  In August I did a few commissioned projects (which I will be blogging about in the coming weeks) and added some new pieces to my mini line.  For two months in a row I have fallen short of my big goals.   
When I started Debtbusting, I planned to move from one dynamic theme to the next each month. Then I realized a month is a really short period of time to start something and also see results.
It would look different if I got a second job because I could guarantee a certain paycheck. Perhaps I will try that 2nd job bizness in the coming months, BUT for now, I think it's important to build on what I've been doing.
Etsy has been an easy way for me to get my goods out there, but it's time to venture outside the etsy box...
My theme for September is think BIG!
UMMM that wasn't big enough...

Gigantic like this bust of Lenin that stands next to the Ace Museum in LA. 
(I'm not planning to think like Lenin, cause that would really put me in the red*, but this mega-cranium** is a great illustration of thinking beyond piddly-normal-sized thoughts.)
I realize this theme is very abstract, not unlike "Open Doors" last month. 
Maybe one of these months I will do "Get a 2nd Job" or "Car Wash." Those themes will easily satisfy you concrete thinkers out there. To throw you non-abstract people a bone, here are three ways I am 
thinking bigger  in September...
1) Flea Market - If all works out, I will sell at the Rose Bowl in a few weeks. Cross yo' fingas.
2) Prototypes - My goods will still have that same reborn heart, but I want to do a few designs I can get into stores.  This will take time, but I will be laying the groundwork this month.
3) Write like it's my Job - Since my BIG dream is to publish my book, I will be carving out space in the mornings before work to write.  This won't have lucrative affects this month, but it will set me up for success for the future.  I am going to learn to LOVE mornings.
It's time to get started. With all these big thoughts, I can feel my brain growing. COOL. YOU SHOULD TRY THIS.
*I must say, that was the perfect communist meets debtbusting joke. Could I get some applause? 
**Look, I'm a tiny person beside him!  It's like my Number 11 in reverse. If my big thinking increases my size to that of this statue, any one of you can apply to be my tiny person.

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