Open Doors: Commissioned Project

The VIP lounge couch after my mission was completed.
August's debtbusting theme was "Open Doors." When I named it, I had no idea open doors could mean bypassing security at LAX and being escorted straight to the Virgin America VIP lounge.  That's right, y'all, Tikki is a VIP...
Okay, so I wasn't headed there because I have mounds of money or celebrity status on my side. I was there on a mission, a decorating mission.  The VIP lounge is one year away from a total remodel, but in the meantime the manager of the lounge wants to do update the space in small ways.  
My Mission: To create pillows for the oversized L-shaped couch seen above. The pillows needed to be big enough to fit the scale of the couch and also be durable for a high-traffic area. I picked an upholstery fabric in a variegated stripe and a high-quality pleather material. The fabrics play off each other in half/half designs, and tie in nicely with the ode to Randy's Donuts, an LA landmark, hanging above the couch. These are pillows fit for VIPs to lounge upon. Mission accomplished. 
#Debtbuster strikes again.

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  1. Very classy pillow decor! Love it!