Goldrush goes to Rose Bowl THIS SUNDAY!

In an effort to THINK BIGGER, I will be selling goods at the Rose Bowl "Old Tyme"* Flea Market this weekend.  My pal Simona, a Rose Bowl vet, is letting me share her very strategic booth space** and showing me the ropes! Come see my pillows, tote bags and jean jackets fresh from the bleach river. 

*This flea market has been around since before they spelled time with an "I". Now, that is OLD.
**Strategic = Near the bathrooms...Although one doesn't want to be seated by them in a restaurant, at the Rose Bowl it means people are guaranteed to pass by our booth. The laws of nature are on our side.  
If you've stopped by with hopes of seeing my Dinner Party on a Budget video, I sincerely apologize. I will get back to it after The Rose Bowl. Don't hate, celebrate.

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