Dinner Party Preview.

The Goldrush Blog planned a dinner party to show YOU, the loyal reader, how to create a PURE GOLD dinner party on a budget.  Here's a little pictorial preview to hold you over until the video is finished...
sidewalk chalk, driveway, walkway, entrance
My sidewalk artist worked long and hard to recreate the "Goldrush Font" in chalk on the driveway.  That "G" has finesse.
table, table settings, dinner party
Yes, that's a dinosaur on the table, a pure gold dinosaur.  You should expect nothing less.
violin, dinner party, dinner music
And that's a violinist named Wyatt.
appetizer, dinner party, lettuce wraps
A glimpse at the appetizer...
goldpresspaper, goldpress, placecard, dinner party
My friend Alisha aka @goldpresspresspaper did the placecards.
The girl has the most-gorgeous handwriting.  She makes even minutes from a meeting look like art.
A toast, table, wine
A toast to life & golden dinosaurs...come to think of it, that may have not been the toast.
Chad did all the fancy camera work for the video.  He also took this picture of himself; great use of lighting, Chad.
backyard, dinner, friends
Thanks to all who made this night possible. Half the guests were there early putting silverware on the table, stringing lights, or writing in chalk on the front stoop.
It was a lovely night...Video up next week. :)


  1. It was the besssssssssssst! When's the next? <3 your face!

  2. too fun! can't wait for the video