Before and After: How I took a Dress from Dowdy to Dropdead

Velvet Dress Before
"Sunday cannot come soon enough." -This Dress
If you're like most people, you have at least one piece of clothing you keep in your wardrobe simply because it would be great with a few alterations. Yet you never wear it in the current state, and you have no idea how to execute the change. 

I am lucky to have the know-how to make those changes and (sometimes unluckily) see the potential in almost any piece of clothing. I recently helped my aunt clean out her closet, and I found this velvet turtleneck dress from Christmases long, long ago in my aunt's discard pile. I saw the potential, mostly that lovely mock neck, so I scooped it up.

gasp...Did I just say MOCK NECK and LOVELY in the same sentence?

I have had a major craving for mock turtlenecks lately.  This has frightened me. Even in the year 2000 when turtlenecks were a staple part of my wardrobe, I considered the MOCK version to be a mockery.

Like I said, I saw the potential of what the dress could be.
Here's a look at modest mouse before my alterations.

"Modesty is the ONLY policy." -This Dress
Before I show you the good stuff...
In the month of October I am offering Before//After Sessions.  This is an opportunity for you to bring an item to me for a design & alterations appointment. You and I will look at the piece on you, assess the change(s) needed, and do the work.  You can help in the process so you can learn a little along the way. We can work on up to two items per session, if time allows. More details at the end of the post...
Velvet dress AfterPlease don't mock me.
But DO mock turtleneck me.
Velvet Dress After
Velvet Dress After
Velvet Dress After
Velvet Dress After
Tikki is wearing - Hat: Anthropologie, Scarf: Vintage from Melrose Trading Post, Dress: Collaboration between the 1990s and Tikki, Tights: Target, Shoes: Kimchi & Blue by UO also seen here.
Additonal Before//After Session Details: Appointments will be 2 hours long and cost only $35.  That's a good deal considering hemming usually costs more than that. At this point I am only taking customers who are friends or friends of friends since I will be doing the appointments in my home. 
To set up an appointment e-mail me at thegoldrushblog@gmail.com

Before Photos by @megmcallister
After Photos by @aubreyswander


  1. stop it! this is my new favorite dress! i'm literally going to be headed to thrift stores looking for a long moppy velvety dress that you can help me alter ;) great work lovely! it looks perfect on you!!!

    1. Thanks, Bridgie! I might have some ideas for things already in your closet. :)

  2. Do you drive to Nebraska for appointments

    1. Hahahaha...MAYBE, if the appointment happens to land near a holiday, say Thanksgiving.