The Impossible List: Dare to Dream

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A year ago this week, after reaching my 5-year mark in Los Angeles and feeling only disappointment, I sat down to write a list of things I want to do that seemed impossible in that moment. I wrote the list in faith, asking the Lord to come into these dreams and put His own lavish spin on them. (I don't think dreams are placed in our hearts to break them, I believe they are there to push us into our destiny, even if some of the dreams aren't actualized.)

The most important thing about making "the impossible list" was choosing to believe these things could happen, although in my (then) current circumstances they all seemed unfeasible. I wrote them down, no longer letting myself live under the shadow of the impossible.  I don't know if I would have had the courage to write the list if it wasn't for some words the Lord clearly spoke to me a few weeks prior. 

spiritual interlude----cue hymn

On that night I was reading the passage in Matthew 5 when Jesus talked about not putting new wine into old wineskins.  Today this concept is a little foreign to us, but in Biblical times it was well-known that new wine expands; if a winemaker puts new wine into wineskins that have already stretched and become brittle, the wineskins will burst. 
New wine + Old wineskins = Waste of Vino  
Jesus said this in reference to religious people whose rigid hearts couldn't expand to hear his revolutionary, freedom-giving teaching.  They preferred comfort of the known to the freedom of the unknown.

I felt like the Lord led me to that passage that night so I asked, "Is there something specific here for me?" 

He told me I had this same rigidity in the area of money.  I was not trusting Him in this area, and my view of how to make money was very narrow. Then He said he had lots more creative ways for me to make money.  Those few words, although convicting, have set me free.  

---fade hymn---

Those are the words that gave me the courage to write the list of the impossible, because I believed The Lord was backing me to do bigger things. Here are some items from the list:
(Basically I'm letting you read my extremely personal prayer journal, so feel privileged.  My current comments are written in wine in honor of the wineskin verses.)

1) I would like to do this roadtrip across the US with Colin or someone else.  I'm leaving that open, holding the when and with whom loosely.  I would like to make it a curiosity trip.  I would love to meet new people and experience their worlds, not just stay in hotels or make it a utilitarian trip across the US from here to there.  I want to go on an adventure. 
Check.  Did that last November the Colinator and wouldn't mind going on the road again...

2) Too dang personal.

3) I would like to pay off all my debt and not be a slave to any institution.
Well, lookie here, that is my current goal.  #DEBTBUSTER

4) For my eyes only.

5) Sorry, not sharing that one either.

6) Ha, you wish.

7) None of your beeswax.

8) I'll tell you when it's about to happen.

9) I want to write a book.
Yes, and I want to write it in 2014. I'm a little (a lot) behind, but I believe I can still make some great progress.

10) I want to have a successful blog, that influences people on music, style, & spiritual matters and always brings joy and laughter.  I am tired of talking about this, I just really need to do it.
Look at me, ma, I AM DOING IT.  Okay, I haven't reached the "successful" part of that dream, but I'm doing the work.  One of my wonderful friends, who is a comedian and often speaks cynically, wrote me a text the other day to tell me my blog fills him with joy. It's happening. 

11) I would like to have a pocket pal, a tiny human who fits inside my pocket. Must be under 7" tall and bilingual.
Sadly, I'm nowhere near this goal. 

end of list.

I found this list this last week while I was waivering on a big decision; I was looking for it to find insight on how I want to move forward. I was somewhat pleased to find I was reading it almost a year to the day I penned it.  I'm sharing it with you to celebrate some of my "impossible" dreams coming true. Sometimes what we see as impossible is is absolutely possible if we change our perspectives. Some of the items on my list, like #5 and even #6*, are laughably simple to others but not so easy for me. And in another year I will be able to declare that more of the once-insurmountable dreams are a reality.

I encourage you to make your own list of the impossible and invite God into it. You may will be surprised at what happens.

*Ha, made-ya-look.


  1. my favorite entry so far--personal, hilarious, and awesome. and ...great image.