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Getting the jeans ready for bleaching.
I am still obsessed with denim, and I don't think my passion for it will go away anytime soon. I hunt for it at thrift stores & flea markets, I forced my parents to bring me boxes of it from their attic when they drove out from Nebraska, and I dream about it at night...*

As I've said previously on Goldrush, my philosophy for the goods I make is to create new, sought-after items from discarded materials.  Denim is an amazing material to reuse because jeans, whether well-loved or barely broken-in, contain a personality I can capture in my designs. The other day I was telling a friend about the process of making the bags, and before I could stop them, the words, "I let the jeans speak to me," fell out of my mouth. Yes, it sounds corny in that mystically pretentious way, but it's actually true.  I don't just cut every bag the same; I pay careful attention to the details of each pair of jeans to retain the original character when I shape them into something new.
The jeans just after the bleach process.
I've made three tote bags now for my shop. Each was made with one side from a single pair of reused jeans that I've bleached using tie dye methods. The reverse side is cut from another reborn item.  The tote below has a polka dot lining from a repurposed dress and recycled suede for the handles.    
Each of the totes is one-of-a-kind.  
The finished product // denim side
The finished product // recycled dot side
Available on Etsy at ShopGoldrush.
*Since I like to do things in year increments (first there was the shopping fast, now there is debtbusting...) next year may be 365 daze of denim. I'll even have denim pajamas and change my name to Jean. 

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