Goldrush blog, Trishawna, Lavender Locks, dyed hair
When I was 17, I painted my room the perfect shade of icy lavender, undoubtably my favorite color at the time. When graduation rolled around, friends and relatives asked my mom what they should get me; the only directive she gave was "she loves lavender." 
Not surprisingly, I was showered with gifts of towels, blankets, rugs, and every other dorm decoration imaginable, ALL in a very familiar shade of lavender. By the time I left the dorms two years later, I was no longer calling lavender my favorite.  In fact, I never wanted to see it again.*
Most people have a consistent favorite color throughout their lives, but I switch it up. Perhaps it has something to do with being a designer. It's never a conscious decision, I usually identify my new favorite when my designs at work begin to be a bit heavy-handed in that color.  It was apparent last winter when my boss forbid me from coloring anymore prints predominantly in mauve. This spring when my boss encouraged me to lay off the purple, it caught me off-guard.  Nearly horrified, I thought "Am I into PURPLE?" I knew for sure lavender had found me again when, while shopping, a friend observed my penchant for all things a muted shade of purple.
In July the ends of my hair turned bright green in a hot tub (I wrote about it here, but nobody believed me). Although it was an accident, it was my gateway to experimenting with unnatural hAIr cOLoRs. As the hot tub dye job faded, I contemplated what color I would do next. The answer was easy, I had to do my favorite.**
Goldrush blog, Trishawna, Lavender Locks, dyed hair
I told my friend Kelsi I was going lavender. She told me she wished the hair dye was scented, I assume because lavender oil has calming qualities...
I'd like it to smell like a grape scratch-n-sniff sticker.
Goldrush blog, Trishawna, Lavender Locks, dyed hair
This hair makes me feel like a My Little Pony™, and that's what I always wanted to be when I grew up. 
Goal attained.
Goldrush blog, Trishawna, Lavender Locks, dyed hair
Tikki Little Pony is wearing...Hat: Anthropologie, Kimono top: Frances May in Portland, OR, 
Skirt: reborn vintage dress by Tikki, Floral Shoes: Topshop
Hair by Farel Martinez @ Chinchilla Salon in Silverlake. He's the best, y'all.
(And for all of you concerned about my debtbusting, I budgeted for this.)
*If you gave me one of those lavender gifts, just know I loved it at the time.
**I'm sure my parents are hoping my favorite color will be blonde very, very soon.  I'm predicting tattoo green...uh-oh.
Photos by @aubreyswander


  1. I love your hair, I love your skirt, I love your writing style, and I love you! Great job! Keep up the good work :)