Debtbusting Month 1...

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This is my sewing machine.  I am its master.  

As I announced on Monday, for each month of the next year I will be choosing a theme and (xx fingerscrossed xx) making ca$h for busting debt based on that theme.  

Here's the deal, dogs, I have a MASTER'S degree.  

Master's Degree: noun,  A level of higher education beyond a Bachelor's degree pursued when a person does not know what else to do with his/her life, often useless in furthering one's career

My Master's in Fashion Design is what got me into debt in the first place, and although I work in the fashion industry, I rarely use many of the hands-on skills I possess.

So I thought to myself, "Why not use my Master's degree to pay off my MASTER'S DEGREE?"*  

That's right, y'all, I've been busily creating a small collection of clothes, etc. 
The first few pieces will debut next week.

You may ask, "How does it feel to be designing your own things again?"
Honestly, I have to tell you, it feels SEW UNBELIEVABLE.**

Debtbusting Month 1: USE MY effin MASTER'S DEGREE.

Wait, before you go, I have a joke for you:
Q) What do you say to a drunk tailor who has just sewn his fingers together
A)Sewber up!***

*Ever looked up GENIUS in the dictionary?  
**Seamstresses go to great lengths to replace the word "so" with our favorite action verb. It make us feel powerful. 
***I actually just made that joke up.  Have you looked up GENIUS yet?

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