Buck the Star: 9 Tricks to bring the Coffee Experience Home

Month 1 of debtbusting I failed miserably budgeting in one particular area...Coffee.

When it comes to spending weaknesses, coffee comes second only to clothing. Considering I did a one-year shopping fast, coffee's #2 ranking shows you just how addicted I am. 

For July I gave myself a $24 coffee budget, which afforded me around 6 lattes over the course of a month.  I spent $88.93.  

E.P.I.C. F.A.I.L.

To reconcile my budget, I stole from my gas money to pay for my preferred type of fuel.  

I can blame it on vacation or other factors, but frankly, I've been lured in by the comfort of the coffee experience.  To avoid overspending for the month of August, I've developed 9 tricks to help me bring the Starbucks experience home.

1// In the morning I'll usually try to time my trip to the kitchen just right, so I have to wait in line behind my roommate. 

2// I've been making French press coffee. I'll set a timer on my iphone for 7 minutes for the coffee to brew.  At the end of the 7 minutes I've programmed Siri to say, "Trish-aW-Na, your coffee is ready at the bar." She stumbles over my name just like baristas do.  
coffee mug, name incorrect, starbucks
 3// I found the perfect to-go mug.  I write my name on it, spelled wrong, of course, to make the experience more realistic. 
coffee mugs, cupboard, goldrush, goldrush blog
 My name goes on the mug the days I stay at home too. 
Note to self: buy an erasable marker.
coffee, oven, homemaker, starbucks, breakfast sandwich, trishawna, goldrush
5// Since I get special cravings for the Starbucks food, which contains crack, I've started to make my own breakfast sandwiches.  They call me "suzy-breakfast-sandwich-maker" around the house now. 
coffee, roommate, goldrush
6// I make my roommates wear aprons between the hours of 7-9 am. 
They don't have to make me coffee; just the presence of the aprons calms me.
coffee, apron, starbucks,
Aubrey just wears hers to bed.
They aren't too pleased about 7// using a code for the bathroom or 8// listening to the Starbucks artist of the week 24/7, but overall the roommates have been really cooperative.
9// A Green Straw tells my brain I'm having a caffeinated treat, no matter what I'm actually consuming. Bonus: the Green Straw also brings out my eyes.
And unlike Starbucks, we proudly serve almond milk...
coffee, almond milk, goldrush, trishawnaYou've stolen from my savings for too long, Starbucks.  It's time to fight back!

Y'all, wish me luck with my $24 budget in the month of August!  Even though I failed royally in July, I didn't increase my coffee budget because I KNOW I can do it.


  1. LOL my fav! Good luck! I believe in you and anyone else ready to take the challenge. This was fun!

  2. Tell me about your belt purse. Love that! Does a phone fit in it? Your next line maybe?

    1. Hi! It's from Topshop; I bought it a year ago. My phone fits in it along with my my license and a debit card. That's a great idea to put something like it in my line...I just may do it. :)