A Sneak Peak.

Indigo, neon, summer, beach, fashion, California
Indigo, beach, fashion, California, summer, volkswagen
Consider yourself privileged...here's a sneak peak of the first piece in my mini line.
Photos by the beautiful Megan Moore. Follow her on insta @megmcallister

I have some issues with mass market fashion. Outside of questionable labor practices, I have qualms with the wastefulness of the industry.  I am not speaking as a person who has boycotted the system, I work in this industry and benefit as a consumer from the abundance of goods in the market.  This is the hand that feeds me, so I will not sit here and publicly bite it.   

My philosophy for my own goods has always been to create new, sought-after items from discarded materials.  After college I dreamt of opening a company that created new things out of old.*  I wanted to call it Dyed and Worn Again, which sounded vaguely similar to "died and born again," an equally punny and Christian name.**  

This last winter I received hundreds of yards of fabric from a friend who happened to acquire them from a shutdown fashion company.  All winter I had these gigantic rolls of very nice, albeit boring, fabrics taking up space in my apartment.  I didn't know what I was going to do with them because, well, they weren't inspiring to me.  

As I moved into Debtbuster season and decided to create a line, I realized I could use this plethora of fabric if manipulated it by dyeing or bleaching it, which are some of my favorite techniques.*** With a little experimentation, I came up with some really rad materials.

For this shirt I took a grey and white stripe shirting fabric and dyed it to create an organic plaid effect.  Each piece is hand-dyed in indigo dye.  I am obsessed with this fabric, and I hope you are too...

This and the other pieces in my mini line will be available soon on Etsy.    

*Similar lines like Urban Renewal now exist but did not then.
**I no longer plan to use this name.    
This photo NOT by Megan Moore.  Follow THIS amazing instagrammer @thegoldrushblog


  1. SUPER cute! can't wait to see the full mini-collection!

  2. One amazing, talented, fun loving designer! Thanks for sharing your ideas and recycling in America! Love from NG, NE

  3. Love the top! Sooo cute! Can't wait to see the rest :)