5 Ways to Save Cash when Attending an Out-of-Town Wedding

With the cost of flights, gifts, lodging and wedding attire, attending an out-of-town wedding can be a big drain on the wallet. This last week I traveled to southern Rhode Island to attend the wedding of Colin, my unforgettable friend from the roadtrip chronicled here on Goldrush last November.
Here are a few ways I kept the costs down: 
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1// Pre-wedding: beautify with free spa services.
I often like to get a spray tan before weddings, but this time I decided to save the money and use the real sun. As an added bonus, I received a free dye job from the hot tub.  Note my green tips.* 
2// Choose accommodations that are just larger than an outhouse. The Hathaway Guest Cottages in Charlestown are adorable and affordable, but they do make for close quarters.  I recommend going on a diet before staying here.
Hathaway Guest Cottages, Hathaway Cottages, Rhode Island, miniature house, accommodations, vacation
3// Save some of the fixings from the rehearsal dinner for the next day's breakfast.  I assure you, clam chowder is delicious in the morning!
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4// Cut some corners on the Wedding Gift. After paying for all the other pieces and parts, the gifts may put your budget over the edge. Here's an easy fix: when you arrive at the wedding, survey the gift table for a nicely-wrapped present. When you've made your choice, simply replace the card attached with your own. Voila!**
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5// At the reception: pick up some extra cash by entertaining when the band is on break. "Total Eclipse of the Heart" is always a crowd favorite.***
Trishawna, Goldrush, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Wedding reception, wedding band
Congrats, Tara & Colin!  I wish you a happy future together. Your wedding was beautiful, and the leftovers were even better!

*I spent 2 hours in the hot tub a few nights before the wedding, and the water dyed the tips of my hair green. Yes, his really happened. The pool guy said this was common 20 years ago due to copper pipes, but there was no reason it should happen now because the pipes have been replaced. The origin of the copper green hair was a mystery until some of my friends found an oxidized penny by the side of the jacuzzi.  The estate manager insisted my green hair was "a sign."  I'm hoping it's a sign that money is simply attracted to me and my debtbusting will be a success. 
**Tara & Colin, hope you love your gift; it seemed like a place-setting when I shook it.
***Okay, I didn't REALLY steal food or replace my card or perform during the reception for tips...I'm not THAT tacky.  I did try to get the groom to pay ME for a dollar dance, but he refused. :(

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