Who Ya Gonna Call? DEBTBUSTER.

I proudly proclaim the new focus of Goldrush...


If you've read my blog in the past, you've heard me talk about how my 1-year shopping fast changed my life emotionally and spiritually, but that's just part of the story...

Another motivation for the fast was to relieve the financial stress of my overzealous consumerism.  Prior to the heyday of my shopping habit I was paying off a large sum of debt from a year spent in Milan.  In 2007 I made the decision to go to Italy for my Master's degree, and with only two months to prepare and no savings, I foolishly put the entire year (Yes, every single pizza...) on a bank loan. When I left Italy, I was 40k in debt.  And when my shopping habit kicked into full force, I added consumer debt to the tab.

The shopping fast released me from my addiction, but I am still paying for the consequences of my actions.  

For years I have let this debt cripple me, either by keeping me in a place of shame or letting the weight of it squash the dreams I wish to pursue.  Proverbs 22:7** says "...the borrower is slave to the lender."  This is exactly how i've felt for years: completely enslaved. 

My goal is to get out of debt in the next year.

The Raw Details:
I have paid down my credit cards to 3k and have 24k from my Italian Mortgage payment, as I like to call it, for a GRAND TOTAL of 27k. 

The Plan:

I already pay $900 a month toward this debt, but my goal is to increase my payments by $1350 a month in order to pay it off in full in the next 12 months. I'll admit, this is a lofty goal.  Honestly, I'm a little afraid of it.***  

How the #@/* will I do that?

Contrary the the Debtbuster video, this money will (probably?) not rain down from the sky. Some of it will come from better spending habits that will allow me to squeeze more out of each paycheck, but most of it will come from new forms of income. Each month I'll have a theme and earn money based on that theme.****  Some months I will earn more, some I will earn less.  REST ASSURED,  I'll be getting out of debt in the most entertaining ways possible. I will post the details here on Goldrush every Monday and Thursday. 

The true goal is Freedom.

A few months ago, when I decided to take on debtbusting as the next chapter in this story, I began to feel anxious.  I knew it was going to be a lot of work and  a huge commitment to using my spare time to making extra money.  The Lord also showed me that with my history of materialism it would be very easy for me to fall into idolizing money.  If I begin to focus on money, it will be another form of bondage.  The real goal here is FREEDOM: freedom from debt and anything else that would keep me bound.*****  And through my story, I'd like to see other people come to the same place.  
Now, let's go bust some debt.

*I've tried to get away from this phrase, but it has continued to follow me into every conversation I have about it getting rid of debt.  So I just decided to milk it for all it was worth and make a video. I  It turns out I did not make this phrase up...Debt Busting Chick exists.  However, I am the one with the video.  
**The new era of Goldrush is going to be a little, or maybe a lot, more spiritual.  I'm just going to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth (so help me God).
***But I still ain't afraid of no debt.
****Line basically lifted from Ira Glass of This American Life who on every episode repeats the same intro, "Each week we choose a theme and bring you stories based on that theme."  Ira, your show is one of my favorite things in the whole world.  Like really.  I want to write a segment for TAL someday.  
*****Funnily enough, when I google "freedom" the first links that come up all have to do with the Chase Freedom Card.  Credit cards are the opposite of freedom, ain't that right, Dave Ramsey?
superhero, debt, debtbuster, game face, moneyBIG THANKS to my friends who made DEBTBUSTER possible: Megan Moore and Katrina Moore (shown above), Ryan Gunnarson, Chris Wolfe, Chris Roark, Daniel Mänsson, & Aubrey Swander.  YOU'RE THE BEST.  NO LIE, THE BEST.  I mean, Chris Wolfe, whom I found out later is a germaphobe, climbed into a DUMPSTER...talk about a consummate professional. 


  1. You're awesome, Trishawna! I am moved and inspired by your public transparency. I am proud of your commitment to freedom. I am impressed with your ability to approach your struggles with humor. I stand with you as you bust that debt! I also pray for miraculous favor and maybe even that money rains down from heaven! ;) Love you, girl!

    1. Thanks for your support, girl! Hahaha...I would even take money in the form of blasted pennies raining down from heaven. I ain't picky.