I have a crush on Nashville. Our interaction was brief, but I fell hard.  Nashville wooed me with it's honky tonks and the incredibly sweet, friendly people we met everywhere.  Colin and I arrived around 11 pm on a TUESDAY night, just in time to meet my friend Kasey and her friends out at the 5 Spot for some of Nashville's good ol' country music.
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Just because it was a Tuesday did not mean that we had to go home early.  After hitting up two other honky tonks, we closed down Robert's in the heart of Nashvegas.  The band at Robert's transported us back to the 60s with a style I've only heard in recordings.

Tuesday Night, Schmoozday Night!!  Karaoke at Santa's pub until 3 am ends with an inspired chorus of our own.

And because of our late night, the next morning went something like this. 

We perused a few vintage stores.  One of them, Katy K's, was just around the corner from Dolly Parton's recording studio!  I couldn't help but quietly sing "I Will Always Love You" with the name Dolly tacked on to the end of the chorus as we walked by the studio.  Katy K's has an incredible assortment of bolo ties, from jewel-encrusted for formal occasions to carved wooden DUCKS for the birder in you. 

We ran into a bookstore with an incredible name...

At the Country Music Hall of Fame we learned that Merle Haggard spent some time in San Quentin maximum security prison.  Johnny Cash played his first-ever prison show there in 1958, and Merle was there to see it. Because of that show, Merle was inspired to use country music to turn his life around.  Here we admire some of Merle's memorabilia, including his incredibly HUGE belt buckle.  A man's buckle says a lot about him...  

Thank you to Kasey for being such an amazing hostess and filling our ENTIRE stay in Nashville fun adventures.  I'll be back to see you soon!

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