December Hitlist: Safety Deposit Box

A Monthly Series

Some people put items like coins, marriage certificates, wills, stamp collections, & other boring stuff in their safety deposit boxes.  In MY Safety Deposit Box, I stashed some of my favorite songs from the last few months.*  I've had the box in safe keeping, but today I'll give you the key.  

Some Details about the Contents...
Lissie// Back to Forever:  I've been waiting for Lissie's new album Back to Forever since forever, ok, since I wore out her 2010 album Catching a Tiger.  Lissie's incredible blend of rock, country and bada** makes her one of my favorite artists, which makes it perfectly permissible for me to put four songs from Back to Forever on this mix.  Hey, I once saw her transform a stoic security guard from "man on duty" into a "Lissie fan" with her cover of Kid Cudi's "Pursuit of Happiness". With that kind of talent and a faceful of rad freckles, she deserves four slots on my December playlist.
"Not a Bad Thing"//Justin Timberlake:  I am more surprised than you that two of my favorite love songs of 2013 are by Justin Timberlake.** First there was "Mirrors," which was on the pop radio so frequently that I stopped listening to NPR for a spell just to hear it. Now on 20/20 The Experience Volume 2 comes "Not a Bad Thing."  There is something about this song that draws me back into a 90s boyband coma...JT goes back to his roots.  I can just see sychronized dance moves accompanying the chorus, and I LIKE IT.
"Let Me Go"//Gavin Turek:  In September I saw Gavin perform at Abbot Kinney Fest, an annual street festival in Venice.  She OWNED the stage with her no-holds-bar dancing, in a fringe outfit that took her original movements and electrified them.  Here's a video of that performance.  I walked away a fan of Ms. Turek's.

Now, go ahead, enter the vault and take a listen.
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*Sooo much more interesting than the deed to the double-wide trailer your uncle has in his.
**Justin is hugely talented, but I've never been a pop princess. I've always taken the less-conventional route, but 20/20 has corrected my vision.  I now see JT through the eyes of a huge fan.

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