Dance Video!! Royals in BOSTON.

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Video still: wish I could style my hair like this.

It's been a few weeks, ok, a month since the road trip ended.  I have a just a couple more things to show you before I close out coverage on Rediscovering America.  Our end destination was Boston, which was one of my TOP THREE stops on the trip.  It might be MY FAVORITE, but I just don't want to make any of the other cities* feel bad.  My tour guides, Colin and my DEAR FRIEND EVIE**, were part of the reason I loved Boston so much.  It also helped that Boston is simply amazing for a history lover like me.  This DANCE VIDEO tells the story of my time in Boston...

*Nashville, I am still crushing.  It's just that, well, Boston might be love.
**It's an ALL CAPS kinda day, what can I say?  EVIE DESERVES ALL CAPS.  And while we're at it, let's give her a standing ovation.

Song: Lorde "Royals"
Tour Guide & Camera: Colin & Evie
And a special thank you to the city of Boston: let's get together again soon!

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