Dance Video: At Night in Dreams

As of yesterday I am back in the LA LA land,* and today I resume my day job.  Wah, waahhhh. Now that I'm back in Los Angeles I'm really missing glorious places like Arches National Park in Utah.  I'm sure that at night in dreams I'll go back there.*  With all those rocks taunting us, Arches seemed like the perfect place to film a rock DANCE VIDEO!!  So "At Night in Dreams" by White Denim will sing us their rock "lullaby" and we'll take a trip back to this breathtaking place. Los Angeles, you have pop/rock and alternative rock,etc, etc, but check out Utah's unique genre of ROCK.
Hope you had an amazing holiday weekend!
*Los Angeles to all those who are not familiar with the nicknames of this city.
**Well, not really, although it could be true that I've dreamt about the place in all its splendor, it was just a cute way for me to add in the song title of today's DANCE VIDEO.  

Special thanks to:
Colin Campbell for filming and editing this dancy dance concoction.
Our extra at the end of the film, whose name I did not catch, but who did an awesome job!
The Arches for making me so happy I could not stop dancing.  Nature is good for the soul & the soul is where dance moves come from.  

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