Strategic Packing.

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Problems force creative solutions. 
At this point in the packing process, the right side of my carry-on luggage was filled with strictly underwear & socks.

Colin has a lot of stuff.  Hey, I'm not judging.  Anyone who has ever helped me move knows I have quite a few belongings myself. The difference is, I have a lot of fabric bins and clothes, which I deem useful. He has boxes of straw hats, band t-shirts that are too small, swag he picked up at comicon and sports equipment for every lawn sport ever invented.

All this to say, I was restricted to a bag that fits in an airplane overhead bin for this 21-day trip.  For a clothes-enthusiast who plans to pose in her adorable outfits at every state sign and 76 station, this can create a problem.  BUT as necessity is the mother of invention, I learned a new, more strategic way to pack, thanks to my friend Molly.  

Here's the skinny on strategic packing:
1) I made a pile of all the clothes I thought I wanted to take.
2) Then I made outfits out of that pile.  I took photos of each darling little ensemble as it lay bodiless on my bed so I could remember them.  Molly says her aunt takes this method to a whole new level by placing her ensembles, along with accessories, into pre-packaged bags...how tidy! 
3) Any piece that does not get chosen for an ensemble gets eliminated.

This worked quite well for me.** 

It was the best packing suggestion since Jamie taught me how to roll instead of fold when I headed to Paris in college.*** 

The result of this packing solution is the ultimate wardrobe remix.  Here's a sneak peak...
Wardrobe remix, ensembles, packing"You will be the most-adorable road tripper ever." -my roommate 

*Also,Hula skirts, a collection of fake swords, koozies for every holiday, ya know, useful stuff...
**...until I panicked and started sticking random t-shirts into every air pocket in my bag just before I left my house.
***Jamie, master packer, rolled my clothes into airtight burrito formations and somehow helped me squeeze ten to fifteen more items in my suitcase than I originally fit in there. The only problem was I didn't have her expert tight-rolling skills when I packed to come home. #fiasco


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  2. "**...until I panicked and started sticking random t-shirts into every air pocket in my bag just before I left my house." hahahaha well at least you TRIED to do my method of packing outfits. glad it sorta worked! :]