St. Louis: Enjoying the Journey

The driving part of Rediscovering America is officially over.  Colin and I rolled into Boston around 12:30 am on Friday.  In the hour before our last miles, we talked about what cities were our favorites. Then I asked a question that seemed similar but produced different answers, "What was your favorite day?" Some of my favorite days were those when we covered a lot of miles and had unexpected adventures at truck stops and in cities in which we only dipped our toes. One of those was the day we drove from Omaha all the way to Nashville with a mere 2-hour stop in St. Louis.  
We arrived at the Anheuser-Busch museum fifteen minutes after the last tour of the day went out.  However, we were able to convince one of the guys at the front desk to take us to see the Clydesdales, which are the coolest part of the brand anyway. 
Before doing a self-guided tour of brand history in the foyer, we stopped in the tasting room. 
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Following the brewery, we did a fly-by-leave-the-hazards-on stop at the St. Louis Arch, which is beautiful at night, albeit hard to see in photos, before we scooted out of town. When we were only a few hours from Nashville I realized we needed gas so I pulled off on the nearest exit, where the signs began to get confusing.  They said "Nashville" yet pointed in the opposite direction we had been going.  It turned out we'd pulled off the highway at Nashville, Illinois. 
click on the upper left-hand corner for sound.

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