Six-Second Visits.

So far Colin & have headed North through California on our long-way-'round journey to Boston.  Within a few days we've turbo-charged through Monterey, San Jose, San Francisco & Petaluma.  We've discovered an appropriate way to capture our brief time with the people we visit by creating Vines (six-second looping videos).  Colin is quite gifted at directing 6-second videos, perhaps because that is precisely how long his attention span is.  Click on the videos to see them looped.  Check out my Vine* or my FB page for more of our truncated videos.

San Jose, CA
We received a warm welcome from besty Kristen's mom.

Novato, CA
We stopped for the briefest of coffee breaks with Colin's Fraternity brother Phil.  Great conversation.

Petaluma, CA
Mckinsey, one of my besties from my Portland days, met us to wander around picturesque Petaluma. We stumbled upon a shop selling MINIATURE** pies.  

We made our way to Tahoe last night, and as I type we are effectively sitting on the stateline of Nevada.***  So long, California, I'll see you in December.
*I only have two followers on Vine, Colin and his girlfriend Tara, but, hey, I just signed up.  I'd rather have you read my blog, anyway.  :) 
***I apologize if you've been trying to follow me via my side-bar map.  I'm having a little bit of trouble updating it.  So don't be confused in the meantime, I really HAVE left Los Angeles.

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  1. I am so happy that you have a vine. It just makes this whole thing splendid.
    News from home: The weather is nice, we still have cats outside our door.