Mile High City.

Denver was another short but sweet stop on our way to Boston.  We focused on seeing a few friends and relatives without worrying about any tourist attractions, like the majestic mountains or breathtaking scenery...

This last June I purchased what I thought was a red-eye ticket from LA to Nebraska.  A few days before the flight I looked more closely at my ticket and realized I had a 9-hour layover in Denver, most of which would fall in the dead of night.  I thought it was a long-shot, but I called one of my besties Jessi who now lives in Denver, on the off-chance she was available during the hours of 11 pm and 7 am. This mother-of-two picked me up from the airport, drove me back to her house, chatted with me until three in the morning, caught a truncated night of sleep, and then chauffeured me back to the airport before it was light outside.*  All the while her husband Peter and their two kids were sleeping upstairs.  This time through Denver, Peter and kids** were actually AWAKE for some of the visit!
*Now, that's a good friend!
**Their children look like cherubs. The below #grandtheftauto may have been their reaction to what I put their mom through this last summer.

Click the upper left hand corner for sound.

Colin was able to snag some quality time with his Uncle in the Mile High City, and during the visit we filmed one of Colin's favorite Vine's from the whole trip.  He tends to use this as an "example of our best work" when we convince our friends and new acquaintances to participate in a Vine. Consider this part of our Vine portfolio...

Before heading out of town we stopped by Colin's high school friend Matt's house for a quick meet & greet. After meeting Matt on the porch I headed in to greet* his wife.  When I said, "Hi, I'm Trishawna," the look on her face changed, as if I triggered a memory.  Before she could say anything, I realized I was reuniting with Molly, a friend I had inadvertently gone on a road trip with in 2004. The story goes something like this: my boyfriend-at-the-time's car broke down outside Laramie, Wyoming on our way to Portland, Oregon, where I was moving. He had been working at a camp in Colorado all summer with Molly and two other girls who were on a road trip of their own. We were supposed to meet the girls that night to camp out somewhere in Wyoming.  Instead they ended up scooping us up in Laramie, where we may have been stranded. My boof sold his car for a profit to the mechanic who was fixing it, and the girls drove us all the way to Boise, where my parents came to pick us up with all my belongings for the last leg of our journey. Later the same road-tripping girls came to visit me in Portland at my studio apartment.  I hadn't seen Molly since, until I walked into her living and found her eight-months pregnant. 
*Thus, fulfilling both the meet & the greet.

Colin and I have made it all the way to his hometown of Derian, Connecticut.  For the last week we have been exploring cities, states & shires in which my body had never been. We'll be ending our journey in Boston this weekend, but I'll be continuing to catch you up on our adventures until I have nothing more to say...
PS - More dance videos coming soon!

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