Midwest's Best.

Omaha, Old Market, Shopping, Word Art
It is!  It is! I'm glad you agree!
Omaha, Nebraska
friends, Denver, Colorado, plaid
Photo taken with Jessi & Peter right before their kids stole our car.  We did not press charges.
Denver, Colorado
friends, reunited, pregnant, Denver, Colorado, Plaid, Pendleton
Unexpectedly reunited with this expectant mother! 
Denver, Colorado
Decorating, Rainbow, Books, Bookshelf, color-coded, Denver, Colorado
I complimented Molly, the pregnant one, on her rainbow-order bookshelf immediately after I saw it! Then she pointed to the shelf beside it of all the ugly books that didn't quite fit the color code. Bom BOM.
Denver, Colorado
Stateline, Nebraska, The Good Life, Night, Headlights, Plaid, Goldrush
Colin didn't believed me when I told him "Nebraska is the good life."  When we arrived at the state line, he could no longer refute it.
Nebraska-Colorado Border.
Uncle, Business Card, Plaid, Perkins, Sidney, Nebraska, Family
My Uncle Joe = Fan of Goldrush
Here I am handing him my mini blog business card. 
Sidney, Nebraska
Horses, Painting, Clydesdale, St. Louis, Missouri, Anheuser-Busch
I think horses are one of the most-beautiful animals, so strong & majestic.  They're especially nice in paintings because they never smell & nor create manure.
St. Louis, Missouri
Anheuser Busch, Clydesdale, Horse, St. Louis, Missouri
This horse, one of the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales, expelled some manure for us while we were standing there. Cas the Clydesdale, where is your sense of decency?
St. Louis, Missouri 
Beer, St. Louis, Missouri, Wagon, Red, Denim, Road Trip
Wagon for beer delivery, the red & gold color scheme looks exquisite with DENIM.  Considering how much I wear denim, I really oughta get me one of these...
St. Louis, Missouri
Road Trip, St. Louis, Missouri, Arch, St. Louis Arch, Night, Fun
Arching our backs...we couldn't help but be inspired by the exquisite St. Louis Arch. If I'd been just a bit more motivated, I'd done a back end.
St. Louis, Missouri

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