Midwest Action: Omaha

thrift, Old Market, Omaha
Omaha, home to two of my sisters, has been the coldest stop on our journey.  Since I am a thin-blooded California gecko these days, I did not take off my coat indoors or outdoors, waking or sleeping the entire 24 hours we were there.  I concluded that if I still lived in Nebraska I would simply have to invest in coats so I wouldn't look like I was wearing the same outfit all winter long.  
While in Omaha I insisted we hit a few thrift stores, based on my insider knowledge that people in Nebraska start disposing of clothes from their closets about the same time these styles are reemerging as trends on the coasts.  At this juncture in fashion history, this means everything from the 90s.
Colin & I popped into St. Vincent de Paul to find some cutting-edge retro.  Colin seemed a little disinterested in the selection until he realized there were racks and racks of free coats.  We tried on half the free coats, which were cooler than anything else in the store, before we realized we probably should not take advantage of this "deal," as they are for people who need them.  We walked out of there with a coat or two, but we were sure to give a nice donation for them.  
People always ask me how I liked growing up with all sisters.  I always tell them I didn't know any different.  Here's a glimpse of our relationship...*
*Note: I am wearing my winter coat in this video.

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