Dance Video: Wake Me Up.

DANCE VIDEO - Wake Me Up by Avicii from Trishawna Quincy on Vimeo.

Well, it seems I've been dancing all over these here United States, thanks to my friends who have supported me in this journey.  Here is the first of the Dance Videos that will be coming your way over the course of Rediscovering America.  
Colin and I have been putting in the miles, long days of seven to eight hours of driving. Sunday night we crossed the state line into my home state of Nebraska.  We made a quick stop at Perkins* on the eastern side of the state to see some of my family and then traversed through the night to Omaha.  After driving so many unfamiliar roads it was comforting to find myself on Interstate 80, the miles ahead already deeply engrained in me.  

*Special Thanks To*
Lauren for the Goldrush Tee
Our unexpected extras, the cows

Song Credit: "Wake Me Up" by Avicii
Filming & Editing: C. D. Campbell


  1. What an awesome video :)...great location! Hope all is well!! xx

  2. I am loving all of this stuff TQ!

  3. So glad I stumbled upon this. I am loving this! HAHAHA So good!