You've seen our triumphal exit from Los Angeles video, but it's time you hear the rest of the story.  When I arrived to meet Colin in El Porto on Sunday afternoon, the passenger's seat was filled with random water bottles and boardgames(?).  I wasn't sure if I was supposed to take my own car, or what?  There was also a pile of stuff along the side of the road that Colin had decided to give away to his friends.  (I snagged the vacuum.)  Between Colin's Southbay friends and the man in a conversion van, who pulled up searching for junk in dumpsters but found Colin's goldmine instead, the pile was completely gone before we left. 1-800-GOT-JUNK, we don't need you today.  

Below photos L to R: 1) The passenger's seat...quick game of Connect 4, anyone?,  
2) THE PILE in all its glory, 3) Colin peddling his wares and me helping.
Objects in overhead bins may shift...1) Creative bungee solution with Colin's many hats, 2) the packed-out Jeep (note my suitcase on upper left), 3) That grey bag may have fallen on my head before we got out of El Porto.
Pacific Grove, California:  Breakfast with Colin's mates Blair & Kevin.
Pebble Beach Golf Course:  My favorite part, the beach, and the Colin's favorite part, the actual golf course.  
San Jose, California:  Not weird, not weird at all...with besty Kristen and Toshi the dog. 
Kristen's mom has cool props!  
San Francisco:  THE WINNERS of darts & 2) the losers, Colin's cousins, with THE WINNERS.
More on San Fran to come.
Petaluma, California:  1) Mckinsey and I are official Petaluma cutie pies, duh, 
2) This store is closeing, and we all know why.


  1. I love that you STILL use props in your pictures!

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