The Sellout.

closet, hoarding, selling
I spent the majority of my shopping hiatus protectively hoarding the clothes already in my closet.  When friends asked to borrow something I got nervous, not knowing if my precious piece would come back intact.  I wouldn't even discard of my mismatched socks because, who knows, I may have needed them to compile a makeshift-sweater in the dead of winter!*  I stood firm in the mentality that said, "If there was nothing coming in, there would be nothing going out."  

Month 8 of the fast I was getting ready to move and was forced to scale down. I was able to do it with a little coaxing from a friend who said, "You know the purge is part of the fast, right, Trishy?"**  So I purged, setting aside some items to sell and also hosting a clothing swap that was 85% my own clothing!  I was blessed by the swap because I acquired a few fresh items and also fattened up my friends' closets, finally knowing what it feels like to be Santa Claus.  When I was done with the clean-out, my clothes occupied only half the closet space*** they did before.  And, surprisingly, instead of feeling destitute, I felt freed.

It just so happens that my closet is a perfect metaphor for the changes I'm making in my life.  I've stepped out of this fear-based mentality that says if I don't hold onto what I have, I will be left with nothing.  I'm going on my month-long road trip to help promote Goldrush, and while I've been raising funds via my Indie go go campaign, I also think I'm supposed to sell off some more of my closet.  (Oh, believe me, there is still plenty in there after the 1st purge.) Selling more of my clothes would have been a very scary thought around this time last year, but I've learned:  

Sometimes it requires giving up something good
to get something better.  

The clothes I'm selling are ones I still wear regularly, so it may hurt a little, but I believe the pay-off will have greater significance than the sacrifice.  There is purpose to this road trip, I don't know all that it will hold, but I've seen massive doors just slide open when I put my tiny hand up to open them. In a few months I can buy another dress or sweater, the world won't be fresh out of them, but the opportunity for this road trip is only right now.

If I'm parting with my beloved closet, the best way to do it is a girl's night with a bartender serving up cocktails, great music & a lot of laughs.****  Invitation is below.    
*Calfornia winter.
**This statement was very irritating at the time, made even more so by the use of the nickname Trishy.  Hi, Brittany!  Thank you!  I love you!
***My closet space was about twice the size of the one shown in the photo.
****Laughter is REQUIRED.
The cash is for the CLOTHES, people, NOT a stripper...I know what you were thinking.