The Rush Begins.

You may ask, “Trishawna, why Goldrush?”

Well, for starters, it’s a freakishly cool compound word, AND I was born in 1849. 

Ore* the real answer is…

It’s a metaphor, folks.  I believe that there is gold in these here hills, if we just look for it.  And when I say gold, I really mean something more lasting than currency.

For a long time I treated my wardrobe as my greatest treasure, devoting much of my time and resources to making it grow and prosper.  As a fashion designer this behavior was perfectly acceptable, but I knew deep down that there was something wrong with my heart.  In order to get things straightened out inside, I decided to give up shopping for a year.  On the outset, I predicted I would learn some things and possibly save money, but I had no idea how much this choice would transform me.

On the other side of the shopping fast, I write from a renewed perspective (and a very rare one for someone still working in the fashion industry).  In doing the fast, I released what I thought were the best things in life and discovered a richer, fuller reality.  Forty-niner’s were giving up their lives for new adventure, trading predictability for the possibility of great riches.  I admit, their motives were mostly greed-based, but it’s their spirit of adventure & unbridled hope that I’d like to capture in my life & on this here blog.

I won’t be chronicling all that happened during the fast on Goldrush, (that’s what my book is for), but there will be nuggets** of wisdom gleaned from the experience throughout my posts.  I hope to be a solid gold stop on your bookmarks bar.  

*I sincerely apologize for this mining pun.
**and this one.

By the way, I’m also doing this...

I can't get enough of denim on denim.  
Jean jacket, overalls, scarf, hat-of-epic-proportions & gold pan:
all by Local Trading Post .
(But, honestly, isn't this ensemble incredible!)