The Canadian Tuxedo: Serious Business

To kick off Denim Week here on Goldrush, I've taken a little inspiration from this guy and advanced the Canadian* Tuxedo to a whole new level.

For all those who don't know...
Canadian Tuxedo: noun, typically an ensemble pairing a denim jacket with denim jeans, considered the everyday attire of the working man. Before it's recent acceptance into popular fashion, it was a style faux pas worn only by your dad.
Canadian Tuxedo Advanced
Wait, I only have FIVE layers of denim on?  Gimme my jean jacket.
Denim on Denim
'Merican woman. Canadian Tuxedo.
Denim on Denim
This rig ain't big enough for the both of us.  
Canadian Tuxedo Denim on Denim
Canadian Tuxedo Denim Patchwork
Love is really spelled M-O-N-S-T-E-R-T-R-U-C-K.
Canadian Tuxedo Denim on Denim
Canadian Tuxedo Monster Truck
Keep scrolling.  You won't be boared.**
Canadian Tuxedo walking Hog
Looks like I'm not the only ham in this photo. Just a  day in the life of Tikki: take a ride in my rig & walk the pig.***  (Sleep & repeat.) 
What I'm wearing...Layer 1:  Topshop, Layer 2: a Madewell staple, Layer 3 vest: Radcliffe London, Layer 4 Vest: Levi Strauss.  You can find a similar one on sale at Madewell, and it just happens to be called the Goldrush Vest.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Jeans: Free People.  

As rad as this look is, it may be a little too fancy for your regular old rodeo.  After all, I'm wearing the blue collar equivalent of a 6-piece suit.  Tomorrow I'll be featuring a denim on denim look a little more suitable for everyday.  Tune in for more stonewashed stories all week long...

If all this happened a half block from my house, think of what shenanigans I could get into in Alabama?  Help me take this show on the road! 

Hogs & Kisses! xoxxoxoxxo

*No Canadians were harmed in the making of this post.
**That's called foreshadowing, folks.
***Special thank you to @BenthePig for his cameo appearance in today's shoot.  (I have a PIG for a neighbor!...and I walked him!...on a leash!!!)
These photos made possible because Aubrey Swandered into my life.


  1. What a fantastic way to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving today! I'm also wondering how Ben the Pig feels when the pork truck comes by each evening. Poor guy.

  2. The pig is amazing.