Monthly Hitlist: Born in a Riverbed

In simpler times I referred to mixed CDs as my love language, but in the age Spotify playlists, I can give a big musical squeeze to loads of friends without ever clicking "burn disc."  I already make a habit of curating monthly hitlists and distributing them to my friends; it's only natural that this ritual would be a part of Goldrush.

I'm not exaggerating when I say the sound of a banjo fills me with joy, so I have not complained since Mumford & Sons single-bandedly* ushered in today's folk age.  As more bands pick up their mandolins and tell tales via country harmonies, the more I cheer.  I don't usually organize my playlists by genre, but the albums I drew from this month were so heavily folk, that I decided to just call a spade a spade. 

Playlist Tidbits...
"I Was Wrong" The Oh Hellos:  On my commute home I frequently turn this one WAY up and sing at the tipTOP of my lungs.  Oh, now you remember, I'm the girl you were pointing and laughing at on the 10 just the other day...
"Lonesome Dreams" Lord Huron:  This song comes from an album of the same name, which was my absolute-top-dog album of 2012.  If you haven't listened to Lonesome Dreams from start to finish, you must, preferably on some solitary highway in the middle of the desert. (Honest Truth.  Try it.)
"Long Time Gone" Tim O'Brien & Darrell Scott: Rounding out the playlist is a song I thought was a cover of a Dixie Chicks song from 2002.  However, this version is actually the original, performed here by the songwriter two years before the Dixie Chicks got their beaks on it. 

Some nay-sayers may tell me to keep this playlist the folk away from them, but I simply have to share it.  I present to you  Born in a Riverbed.**  Subscribe if you like it.  

*New word.  Webster, listen up.
**Name credit: the AVF Bathroom Sessions.

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