Denim Downplay

So maybe I overdid it yesterday.  Five, count 'em, FIVE layers?  Really?  I mean, if I have 2 shirts and my brother needs one, shouldn't I give it to him (even if it's ruffly and pink and really girly)?  And, say I do own five pieces of denim that I could perfectly stack on one another like the scales of a koi, should I really wear them at the same time, flaunting my wealth?   

So on this fine Tuesday of Denim Week, to avoid all these moral questions, I will wear an outfit a normal person might wear...like something with only one shirt and one pair of trousers. 
Denim, Topshop, Patchwork
Look, I'm normal.
Denim, Topshop, Patchwork
So very normal.
Denim, Topshop, Patchwork
Think Normal, Trishawna.
Denim, Topshop, Patchwork
Not sure how much longer I can fake it.
And...I'm done.
Except for the platforms, which are Steve Madden, I'm wearing all Topshop.  I know, boring, only one store.  Topshop opened in LA while I was on my fast, so it's still a novelty to me.  I'm practically living in these shorts right now.  
Abs by Dogtown Fit.

Photos by the beautiful and ever-tan Yvonne Goll, my in-demand photographer friend. (Be warned, if you go to her website the combination of the music and her photostream are going to make you cry.)


  1. I love where you got your abs but I think my favorite is the burse. Or Batchel. Belt plus space to put fun dip. If I wore crop tops I'd totally rock a batchel.

  2. I mostly use it for stamps, ya, just stamps.