Covetalls: The Overall as a Desirous Object

shortalls done right
Shortalls done right.

By the special request of one of my most-loyal readers, I am featuring the OVERALL on this, the last day* of denim week.  Month 10 of my year-long clothing fast, I began to crave** a pair of overalls, shortalls in particular. This was a bizarre yearning because overalls had been categorically banished from my wardrobe since high school. Back then I owned three pairs, which means I must have surely had a craving and quenched it.  I wore them so much that my best friends Michelle and Mychelle*** would use the shoulder straps as a convenient built-in pull handle to double team me for wedgies.  (Yes, I did say best friends.)  I had such an affinity for wearing them on Wednesdays, in particular, that M & M affectionately called them Wedgie Wednesdays throughout Senior year. Shortly after high school I gave Mom those denim torture devices (which she probably gave to Grandma to make a patchwork boat cover or something) and haven't thought about wearing the contraptions since...
That is, until now...
Stay tuned for my version of the shortall, coming MONDAY.

*No tears please.
**For all of you who do not crave clothes, think about when you are hungry for a pizza and there is nothing you can think about until you get it.  Well, that was me and overalls for a solid week, I would stare at them on-line, I would smell them at the flea market...  
***Names have not been changed to protect their anonymity.


  1. this made me giggle! I recall these ;-)

  2. I may or may not be searching high and low for a great pair of these babies... Love the denim.