Connecting the Dots

Bicycle, Polka Dots, Venice Beach

I've found myself in multiple conversations this last week about the psychological drawbacks of seasonless weather.  While many come to Los Angeles to escape Seasonal Affective Disorder, the climatic monotony has also been accused of making people go a little cuckoo.The most common side effect I hear about is difficulty marking time.
Another thing about L.A. is how time goes quickly. The L.A. weather is a lot like Taiwan’s, where you don’t observe four seasons, so the years can pass and you don’t feel a thing. One day you think “Huh?” and suddenly you realize it’s 15 years later. I guess in Hollywood you chart your life by Oscars. You say to each other, "Remember when that movie won that year? It was 2006. Remember that?"  
-Ang Lee 
Director of Life of Pi & Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
True dat, Ang, true DAT.  This fall the weather here has been warm mostly every day, and I have to consciously remind myself that it's October...who knows what month I'll jot down on the next form I fill out.  I'm not complaining, though. With only a week before I leave for Rediscovering America: The Century's Most-Epic Road Trip**, what is sure to be an all-weather experience, I am going to soak up this sun while I can.  
Bicycle, Polka Dots, Venice Beach
You gotta work, beach.
Bicycle, Polka Dots, Venice Beach
NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY, just some girl in polka dots.
Bicycle, Polka Dots, Venice Beach
You will have to forgive me for my severe obsession with crop tops.  I will be wearing them all winter long.***  
Crop Tops = My Own Personal Form of Madness
Bicycle, Polka Dots, Venice Beach
Polka Dots, Venice Beach, Complementary Color Scheme
Orange you glad I wore a complementary color to this wall?!  I am.
Polka Dots, Venice Beach, Segue
Heckling the Segue tour.
Polka Dots, Venice Beach, Spidermonkey, Jumping
Two-Piece Set: This little polka dot number was abandoned and alone when I found her at a thrift store. A dress with massive sleeves, she was the kind that could make a girl look like she'd been swallowed whole by man-eating Polka Dots. Despite some grotesque features,  I recognized the beauty in her. I*** cut her in half, took off the sleeves, and added a neon elastic waistband to create this freshy-fresh two-piece set. Here's another blogger's take on matching sets. Mine's cuter. ;) 
Necklace: Topshop, Platforms: Cooperative via Urban Outfitters, Jumping Penny Loafers: Hand-me-downs from the unforgettable Birkleigh.    

Speaking of the road trip, My indiegogo campaign ends at 11:59 pm Pacific TONIGHT. If you've been meaning to give, now's the time!  I will be golden if I hit $2200, which leaves only a couple hundred to go!  Thanks for all your support! 
PS - My lovely Schwinn is for sale.  Contact me at thegoldrushblogATgmail.com for details.

*I will neither defend nor oppose this theory.  My 8th grade nickname may have been Cuckoo...HaKooKooMatata, to be exact.  So the chicken or the egg, you tell me.
**Official road trip name is subject to change.  
***Thanks to Chazzercise, my fitness specialist.
****My vision was executed by Mr. Ernesto Flores, a man with tons of talent and a huge heart.  


  1. O my gosh... I lived in LA for 6 years and its just like you said. Time flies and before you know it, its summer again. Lucky you! ... Love the neon touch btw ...

  2. So....about commissioning a crop top skirt elastic combo platter for mine own closet.......