Los Angeles to Nebraska in Pictures

Here's a glimpse into my 3-day road trip from Los Angeles to Nebraska....
vacuum packed wardrobe
It's amazing how much space air can take up, and I didn't have room for that.
Goodbye air; Hello Clothes Jerky.
guinea pig
Thank God I didn't own this gem because he certainly wouldn't have fit in my car.
Two days before leaving LA I was riding down the highway in the passenger's seat of my friend's car, and in our peripherals we saw this giant rodent. 
I couldn't help but roll down my window to congratulate the owner.
"Nice Hamster," I said to the driver as we drove past.
He calmly turned toward me and replied, "It's a guinea pig."
My mistake. 
Isn't life just one giant guinea pig?
The Schmallow and I left LA the Monday before Thanksgiving. 
There were tears in the first stretch of road; I left behind six years of memories and a wealth of great people. I will miss you LA, but we both knew it was time for me to go.
I picked this one up in Arizona.
Kelsi has a thirst for knowledge the size of the Grand Canyon. 
I like that about her. 
Our moms grew up together in a miniature town in central Nebraska, but I met Kelsi in LA.
Some friendships are just meant to be.
no leg room
Day 2...Close quarters.  
Legs, not shown, have even less room than our torsos. 
Sorry, Kelsi.
cactus vs. human
 She so tiny.
pretty light
The Southwest has a very distinctive charm, especially at dawn.
corn nuts for breakfast
Corn Nuts + Coffee = Road Breakfast
kelsi is an eagle
Eastern Arizona is weird.
Trishawna is an alien.
And so are we.
Can you spot me in this picture?
(Didn't think so.)
We also stopped in Santa Fe, but we were so dazzled by the turquoise that we didn't take any pictures. 
snow in colorado
Day 3...I left Kelsi at her brother's in Colorado Springs. 
Thanks for joining me, Kelsi, you made the trip wonderful.
I had 8 hours of me time to go before joining my family in Newman Grove, Nebraska.
gas prices improve
Gas in Nebraska is half price.
cause for traffic
I was driving on this open Nebraska highway when I saw brake lights ahead. 
"Traffic?" I said to myself, "There can't be traffic."
After six years in LA, my brain has been trained to correlate brake lights and traffic jams.
Nope, just some wild turkeys crossing the road.
reason to go home
Speaking of wild turkeys...
Home sweet home. I don't think I have ever been so happy to be home. Our family gathers in one place only a few days a year, and I had already missed out on too much time.

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!
xo - Tikki


The Goldrush is Moving East.

I've been neglecting Goldrush lately. 

I suppose you could say I've been distracted...too distracted to officially announce the VERY REASON I've been distracted.

The activities stealing my attention from Goldrush INCLUDE:
sorting everything I own and putting the keepers into boxes,
selling the other 3/4 of my belongings on craigslist, 
quitting my job,
& saying goodbye to my friends in Los Angeles

I'm moving to Nashville.

Last day at the bikini factory...Cake said, "Good Luck in Nashville."  
My co-workers were convinced I'm going to Nashville to perform at The Grand Olde Opry. 
I let them believe it.
Here's the story:

The origin of this idea came in August when my friend Kasey, who lives in Nashville, and I were discussing a business venture over the phone.  We'd been talking about it for months, but there was no real reason for us to be in the same city to pursue it. During this particular call, Kasey told me about an entrepreneurial course in which she planned to enroll. She wished I could be in Nashville to take the course with her.  Kasey said this in passing, with no real hope that I would be able to join her for the class; but instead of dismissing the statement, I replied, "Well, maybe I could be..."

I've felt detached from Los Angeles since my road trip last year.  I've tried to dive back in, but my heart has not followed. I've subconsciously been trying to leave all year. I've dated men from other cities, with an underlying motivation of having a ticket out of LA. I've skimmed the surface of community, not planning parties or get-togethers like the normal Trishawna does.  I've been living in Los Angeles half-heartedly, and that is not how I want to live.

When the idea of Nashville came up in August, I was afraid of losing ground on debtbusting.  I didn't want to leave my stable job nor my debtbusting side projects and go back on my word about becoming debt-free. 

On the flip side, I knew the lower cost of living in Nashville might make my dreams more attainable.  I was ready to move to a smaller city, one in which I could see myself settling down. Although I had loved LA for most of the years I was there, I was over it. 

The original idea was to go for three months to take the entrepreneurial course, but the more the I thought about it, the more I just wanted to make the leap. I had only spent 24 hours in the city, so I took a trip to Nashville at the end of October in order to make a sound decision. On the 2nd day of my visit, I purchased tickets to a March 2015 show at the Ryman, one of Nashville's legendary music venues. This "investment in the future" was a good sign I was going to move there. I told Kasey I was either moving to Nashville, or she and her fiancĂ© were going to have a very nice date night on me.

I was steeped in peace while I was in Nashville, and I knew I was moving there before I returned to Los Angeles. On my last night in Nashville a friend asked, "Are you excited to go back to LA?"
"No," I said flatly, "I want to stay here."
Mind you, at that moment I was in a music venue where a banjo* was playing, which really gave Nashville an unfair advantage. 

The tricky part was timing. I wanted to drive out of LA in time to be in Nebraska with my family for Thanksgiving. When I arrived back in LA, I had only 2.5 weeks to quit my job, pack up, and say goodbye. To make things more difficult, I decided to only bring my hatchback home with me, so I also had to sell 3/4 of what I owned.
My niece: Trishawna, this is for you.
Me: Is that me? What am I doing in this picture?
My niece: That's you selling all your stuff.
Me: Very accurate drawing, lil miss.
(Her drawing of "stuff" looks a little like a flying monkey from the Wizard of Oz. I can honestly say it feels good to have that monkey off my back.)
If you are a friend or family member, and you heard about this move for the first time via social media, I apologize. You weren't the only one. I haven't had time to tell everyone personally. It's taken me a full month to write this post because it's been such a whirlwind. 

I am currently in Nebraska, on what I am calling a writer's residency. I will officially move to Nashville at the end of December, just in time for the new year. I'm stoked to tell stories from my new home; contrary to history, this time The Goldrush is moving east.

*The banjo is my favorite instrument.  Rocking chairs at the airport and the fact Dolly Parton is a resident also give Nashville the easy win.


Happy Halloween: Match Point

Lovely day for tennis.
So difficult to find a woooorthy opponent these days.
Courtside trash talking...
It's all a part of the game.

If you don't play in pearls, you aren't cultured.

Always smile at your opponent. Make them think this is fun and games.
The eye of the Liger.
Fancy a match? I'll go easy on you...
After all, your family is new money.

Happy Halloween, friends!
Match Point Costume - Dress purchased thrift for $8, Vintage tennis racquet $15 via Craigslist, Socks $3 @ Target...all other items were already in my closet, for a grand total of $26. That's a WIN, loves.

Photos BY @aubreyswander...she's the real champ here.


New Product Wednesday: Fresh Tote!

Denim, tote bag, bleach, bleached, upcycle, recycle, sunbleached
ShopGoldrush has a new addition.
Denim, Sunbleached, tote bag, upcycle, recycle, reborn, etsy
Stitched Pocket from original jeans // Suede Straps // $38
Bleached and Stitched by Tikki
denim, reborn, recycle, upcycle, etsy, shopgoldrush, bleached
Hope you like it.


New Product Wednesday: Indigo-dyed Scarf

Today I'm beginning a series I'm calling "New Product Wednesday."
Over the next few weeks I'll be posting some fresh items in my Etsy shop.
Today's edition: Indigo-dyed Scarf
sunbleached scarf, shibori, indigo, fall scarf
For all those who are not putting their body heat stock in the the mock turtleneck (as I am), there are always scarves....specifically this one.
You should buy it.
sunbleached scarf, shirbori, hand-dyed, indigo, fall scarf
by buying this scarf.
sunbleached scarf, hand-dyed, shibori, fall scarf
Warm Necks, Warm Hearts
& freedom for all mankind
if you buy this scarf. 
Head to ShopGoldrush to see more of my goods.