Goldrush goes to Rose Bowl THIS SUNDAY!

In an effort to THINK BIGGER, I will be selling goods at the Rose Bowl "Old Tyme"* Flea Market this weekend.  My pal Simona, a Rose Bowl vet, is letting me share her very strategic booth space** and showing me the ropes! Come see my pillows, tote bags and jean jackets fresh from the bleach river. 

*This flea market has been around since before they spelled time with an "I". Now, that is OLD.
**Strategic = Near the bathrooms...Although one doesn't want to be seated by them in a restaurant, at the Rose Bowl it means people are guaranteed to pass by our booth. The laws of nature are on our side.  
If you've stopped by with hopes of seeing my Dinner Party on a Budget video, I sincerely apologize. I will get back to it after The Rose Bowl. Don't hate, celebrate.


Open Doors: Commissioned Project

The VIP lounge couch after my mission was completed.
August's debtbusting theme was "Open Doors." When I named it, I had no idea open doors could mean bypassing security at LAX and being escorted straight to the Virgin America VIP lounge.  That's right, y'all, Tikki is a VIP...
Okay, so I wasn't headed there because I have mounds of money or celebrity status on my side. I was there on a mission, a decorating mission.  The VIP lounge is one year away from a total remodel, but in the meantime the manager of the lounge wants to do update the space in small ways.  
My Mission: To create pillows for the oversized L-shaped couch seen above. The pillows needed to be big enough to fit the scale of the couch and also be durable for a high-traffic area. I picked an upholstery fabric in a variegated stripe and a high-quality pleather material. The fabrics play off each other in half/half designs, and tie in nicely with the ode to Randy's Donuts, an LA landmark, hanging above the couch. These are pillows fit for VIPs to lounge upon. Mission accomplished. 
#Debtbuster strikes again.


Think Bigger.

Two months of "debtbusting" have wizzed by.  I put debtbusting in quotations because I haven't made a lot of headway.  In August I did a few commissioned projects (which I will be blogging about in the coming weeks) and added some new pieces to my mini line.  For two months in a row I have fallen short of my big goals.   
When I started Debtbusting, I planned to move from one dynamic theme to the next each month. Then I realized a month is a really short period of time to start something and also see results.
It would look different if I got a second job because I could guarantee a certain paycheck. Perhaps I will try that 2nd job bizness in the coming months, BUT for now, I think it's important to build on what I've been doing.
Etsy has been an easy way for me to get my goods out there, but it's time to venture outside the etsy box...
My theme for September is think BIG!
UMMM that wasn't big enough...

Gigantic like this bust of Lenin that stands next to the Ace Museum in LA. 
(I'm not planning to think like Lenin, cause that would really put me in the red*, but this mega-cranium** is a great illustration of thinking beyond piddly-normal-sized thoughts.)
I realize this theme is very abstract, not unlike "Open Doors" last month. 
Maybe one of these months I will do "Get a 2nd Job" or "Car Wash." Those themes will easily satisfy you concrete thinkers out there. To throw you non-abstract people a bone, here are three ways I am 
thinking bigger  in September...
1) Flea Market - If all works out, I will sell at the Rose Bowl in a few weeks. Cross yo' fingas.
2) Prototypes - My goods will still have that same reborn heart, but I want to do a few designs I can get into stores.  This will take time, but I will be laying the groundwork this month.
3) Write like it's my Job - Since my BIG dream is to publish my book, I will be carving out space in the mornings before work to write.  This won't have lucrative affects this month, but it will set me up for success for the future.  I am going to learn to LOVE mornings.
It's time to get started. With all these big thoughts, I can feel my brain growing. COOL. YOU SHOULD TRY THIS.
*I must say, that was the perfect communist meets debtbusting joke. Could I get some applause? 
**Look, I'm a tiny person beside him!  It's like my Number 11 in reverse. If my big thinking increases my size to that of this statue, any one of you can apply to be my tiny person.


Dinner Party Preview.

The Goldrush Blog planned a dinner party to show YOU, the loyal reader, how to create a PURE GOLD dinner party on a budget.  Here's a little pictorial preview to hold you over until the video is finished...
sidewalk chalk, driveway, walkway, entrance
My sidewalk artist worked long and hard to recreate the "Goldrush Font" in chalk on the driveway.  That "G" has finesse.
table, table settings, dinner party
Yes, that's a dinosaur on the table, a pure gold dinosaur.  You should expect nothing less.
violin, dinner party, dinner music
And that's a violinist named Wyatt.
appetizer, dinner party, lettuce wraps
A glimpse at the appetizer...
goldpresspaper, goldpress, placecard, dinner party
My friend Alisha aka @goldpresspresspaper did the placecards.
The girl has the most-gorgeous handwriting.  She makes even minutes from a meeting look like art.
A toast, table, wine
A toast to life & golden dinosaurs...come to think of it, that may have not been the toast.
Chad did all the fancy camera work for the video.  He also took this picture of himself; great use of lighting, Chad.
backyard, dinner, friends
Thanks to all who made this night possible. Half the guests were there early putting silverware on the table, stringing lights, or writing in chalk on the front stoop.
It was a lovely night...Video up next week. :)



Goldrush blog, Trishawna, Lavender Locks, dyed hair
When I was 17, I painted my room the perfect shade of icy lavender, undoubtably my favorite color at the time. When graduation rolled around, friends and relatives asked my mom what they should get me; the only directive she gave was "she loves lavender." 
Not surprisingly, I was showered with gifts of towels, blankets, rugs, and every other dorm decoration imaginable, ALL in a very familiar shade of lavender. By the time I left the dorms two years later, I was no longer calling lavender my favorite.  In fact, I never wanted to see it again.*
Most people have a consistent favorite color throughout their lives, but I switch it up. Perhaps it has something to do with being a designer. It's never a conscious decision, I usually identify my new favorite when my designs at work begin to be a bit heavy-handed in that color.  It was apparent last winter when my boss forbid me from coloring anymore prints predominantly in mauve. This spring when my boss encouraged me to lay off the purple, it caught me off-guard.  Nearly horrified, I thought "Am I into PURPLE?" I knew for sure lavender had found me again when, while shopping, a friend observed my penchant for all things a muted shade of purple.
In July the ends of my hair turned bright green in a hot tub (I wrote about it here, but nobody believed me). Although it was an accident, it was my gateway to experimenting with unnatural hAIr cOLoRs. As the hot tub dye job faded, I contemplated what color I would do next. The answer was easy, I had to do my favorite.**
Goldrush blog, Trishawna, Lavender Locks, dyed hair
I told my friend Kelsi I was going lavender. She told me she wished the hair dye was scented, I assume because lavender oil has calming qualities...
I'd like it to smell like a grape scratch-n-sniff sticker.
Goldrush blog, Trishawna, Lavender Locks, dyed hair
This hair makes me feel like a My Little Pony™, and that's what I always wanted to be when I grew up. 
Goal attained.
Goldrush blog, Trishawna, Lavender Locks, dyed hair
Tikki Little Pony is wearing...Hat: Anthropologie, Kimono top: Frances May in Portland, OR, 
Skirt: reborn vintage dress by Tikki, Floral Shoes: Topshop
Hair by Farel Martinez @ Chinchilla Salon in Silverlake. He's the best, y'all.
(And for all of you concerned about my debtbusting, I budgeted for this.)
*If you gave me one of those lavender gifts, just know I loved it at the time.
**I'm sure my parents are hoping my favorite color will be blonde very, very soon.  I'm predicting tattoo green...uh-oh.
Photos by @aubreyswander