5 Ways to Save Cash when Attending an Out-of-Town Wedding

With the cost of flights, gifts, lodging and wedding attire, attending an out-of-town wedding can be a big drain on the wallet. This last week I traveled to southern Rhode Island to attend the wedding of Colin, my unforgettable friend from the roadtrip chronicled here on Goldrush last November.
Here are a few ways I kept the costs down: 
Trishawna, Goldrush, spa, green hair
1// Pre-wedding: beautify with free spa services.
I often like to get a spray tan before weddings, but this time I decided to save the money and use the real sun. As an added bonus, I received a free dye job from the hot tub.  Note my green tips.* 
2// Choose accommodations that are just larger than an outhouse. The Hathaway Guest Cottages in Charlestown are adorable and affordable, but they do make for close quarters.  I recommend going on a diet before staying here.
Hathaway Guest Cottages, Hathaway Cottages, Rhode Island, miniature house, accommodations, vacation
3// Save some of the fixings from the rehearsal dinner for the next day's breakfast.  I assure you, clam chowder is delicious in the morning!
Trishawna, Goldrush, rehearsal dinner, clam bake, clam chowder
4// Cut some corners on the Wedding Gift. After paying for all the other pieces and parts, the gifts may put your budget over the edge. Here's an easy fix: when you arrive at the wedding, survey the gift table for a nicely-wrapped present. When you've made your choice, simply replace the card attached with your own. Voila!**
Trishawna, Goldrush, Wedding, Gift Table, Wedding Gifts, Rhode Island
5// At the reception: pick up some extra cash by entertaining when the band is on break. "Total Eclipse of the Heart" is always a crowd favorite.***
Trishawna, Goldrush, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Wedding reception, wedding band
Congrats, Tara & Colin!  I wish you a happy future together. Your wedding was beautiful, and the leftovers were even better!

*I spent 2 hours in the hot tub a few nights before the wedding, and the water dyed the tips of my hair green. Yes, his really happened. The pool guy said this was common 20 years ago due to copper pipes, but there was no reason it should happen now because the pipes have been replaced. The origin of the copper green hair was a mystery until some of my friends found an oxidized penny by the side of the jacuzzi.  The estate manager insisted my green hair was "a sign."  I'm hoping it's a sign that money is simply attracted to me and my debtbusting will be a success. 
**Tara & Colin, hope you love your gift; it seemed like a place-setting when I shook it.
***Okay, I didn't REALLY steal food or replace my card or perform during the reception for tips...I'm not THAT tacky.  I did try to get the groom to pay ME for a dollar dance, but he refused. :(


7 Tricks to Play Defense Against Shopping Cravings

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There ain't no shame in pulling a windbreaker out of my 5th grade wardrobe and getting it back in the game.

Huddle up,* everybody. Shopping is like any other addiction, one can give it up cold turkey and feel fine for a given period of time, but there are going to be moments of weakness when a player just wants to throw in the towel and go back to his/her old ways. When a craving hits, it's important to take a timeout and look at the source of it; if it comes from the rerouting of a deeper need, then that deeper need should be dealt with head on. 
Other times those desires come from a surface place and can be dealt with accordingly. My yen for shopping sometimes came from boredom with my wardrobe.  In order to not break my 1-year fast, I would use the following seven tricks to play defense against my shopping cravings: 
1// Use your HOME court Advantage...
Where did I pick up the amazing Nike windbreaker you see in these photos? I got it at the Mom & Pop Shop. Maybe y'all aren't so lucky, but my mom doesn't throw clothes away.  If I left dress in my closet after high school, it is still there, finely preserved.  Every year at Christmas I take the time to rummage through the closets to see if anything has "come back in." The Christmas of 2012 I completely SCORED, as the 90s had just started to trend again. There were plenty of items I had considered ugly for years that were now AWESOME.  This particular Nike jacket was my prize possession in 5th grade.  My pudgy grade school physique and the 90s baggy fit served me well in this instance...it is just my adult size.  
2// Get Your Game Face On with a Fresh Coat of Paint...
Before I started my fast I made a rule that I wouldn't let cosmetics take the place of my clothing habit.  If I let that happen, the purpose of the fast would be defeated; I would simply be trading one bad habit for another.  Since nail polish is my cosmetic of choice, I let myself buy one new bottle of polish each month.  I was sure to put a fresh coat of paint on my nails every week so I always felt updated. The same may be true for other people with a brand-new shade of lipstick or eyeliner. The purpose of my fast was not to look unkept, but for a change in heart. 
3// Take a Player off the Bench...
I tend to keep my favorite 10 items, usually the newest items in my wardrobe, on a rotation until they are gradually replaced by the next 10 things I purchase. During my fast I had no new items to rotate in, so around month 3 I went through the "I have nothing to wear" period. Deep in the back of my closet were items I still liked but had temporarily benched, simply because I had forgotten about them.  When I was feeling bored, I would challenge myself to dig one of those pieces from the back of the closet and experiment with different ways of styling it.  Remember, players, the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little "extra."
4// Play Dress-up like a Champ
During my fast I received an invitation to a 1920s party.  Since I didn't have the option of buying anything, I went in my closet and pulled anything that could have a 1920s feel to it.  I spent time in front of the mirror trying everything on in different, even odd, combinations and sending my the photo play-by-play to my bff for feedback.  I came up with a great ensemble and was told by at least one person I was the best dressed at the party.  CHAMPION.
5// Take Care of Unfinished Business
I am fortunate enough to have sewing in my wheelhouse.  I have bins of clothes that are "to be altered/repaired."  When feeling bored, I would reach into the bin, pull a shirt out and sew that one dumb button back on that landed the shirt in the pile.  Or I would finally chop that skirt to a flattering length.  Usually the alterations would take me an hour or less, which is less than the amount of time I would have driving to the mall and searching for something new and "fulfilling."  She Shoots. She scores.
6// Teamwork
One motto of my fast was "Everything I need is already in someone else's closet." It's a great rule to live by for special events, since those are expensive items people often only wear once.  I am lucky enough to have a boss who has an amazing wardrobe and is also very generous. With her help and the help of a few other kind friends, Cinderella had dresses to play ball, I mean, go to the ball. Teamwork makes the dream work.
7// Mental Trick: Dry Cleaning  
If something in my closet was due to be dry cleaned, I would not hesitate to take it. This trick worked for me because all that cleaning, steaming and hanging on those annoying wire hangers, fooled my brain into believing the item was new again.  "The game is 90% mental, the other half is physical." -Yogi Berra
My struggle is probably different than yours; I needed to do extreme training to put clothes in their proper place in my life.  I hope some of my tricks can be translated into your own areas of struggle. Do you have any tips for not giving in to your own vices/demi-gods?
*I am using the sport chic theme of this photo shoot to use as many sports metaphors as possible. Readyyyyy, set, GO!
Nike, Vintage windbreaker, sport fashion
Game on.
 Hanging around the hoop.
sport chic, Nike windbreaker, vintage, basketball
You gotta look your goal straight in the face to achieve it.
sport chic, Nike vintage windbreaker, Trishawna, The Goldrush Blog
Second place is the first LA-oooz-ER.
My primary goal is freedom. 
The will to win is not so important as the will to prepare to win.
No turning back.

Photos by Aubrey the Swanderer. Follow her on insta @aubreyswander
What is Tikki wearing?...Windbreaker: 1990s Nike from the Mom & Pop Shop, Leggings: F21, Hi-tops: Nike, borrowed.  Mighty Hat: borrowed from the mighty RyGee


Keeping you in suspense...

I'm on vacation on the East Coast and will only be posting on Wednesday this week. :) 


A Sneak Peak.

Indigo, neon, summer, beach, fashion, California
Indigo, beach, fashion, California, summer, volkswagen
Consider yourself privileged...here's a sneak peak of the first piece in my mini line.
Photos by the beautiful Megan Moore. Follow her on insta @megmcallister

I have some issues with mass market fashion. Outside of questionable labor practices, I have qualms with the wastefulness of the industry.  I am not speaking as a person who has boycotted the system, I work in this industry and benefit as a consumer from the abundance of goods in the market.  This is the hand that feeds me, so I will not sit here and publicly bite it.   

My philosophy for my own goods has always been to create new, sought-after items from discarded materials.  After college I dreamt of opening a company that created new things out of old.*  I wanted to call it Dyed and Worn Again, which sounded vaguely similar to "died and born again," an equally punny and Christian name.**  

This last winter I received hundreds of yards of fabric from a friend who happened to acquire them from a shutdown fashion company.  All winter I had these gigantic rolls of very nice, albeit boring, fabrics taking up space in my apartment.  I didn't know what I was going to do with them because, well, they weren't inspiring to me.  

As I moved into Debtbuster season and decided to create a line, I realized I could use this plethora of fabric if manipulated it by dyeing or bleaching it, which are some of my favorite techniques.*** With a little experimentation, I came up with some really rad materials.

For this shirt I took a grey and white stripe shirting fabric and dyed it to create an organic plaid effect.  Each piece is hand-dyed in indigo dye.  I am obsessed with this fabric, and I hope you are too...

This and the other pieces in my mini line will be available soon on Etsy.    

*Similar lines like Urban Renewal now exist but did not then.
**I no longer plan to use this name.    
This photo NOT by Megan Moore.  Follow THIS amazing instagrammer @thegoldrushblog


I Sock, You Sock, We all Sock: Making the Most of a Tiny Budget.

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Some of you out there are in the sweltering heat of summer and cannot imagine why I would be posting a photo of socks and boots this time of year.  Luckily, I live in Southern California, the place where Uggs and mini skirts first wed in fashion matrimony.  Californians like our feet warm and our legs bare.  

Getting rid of debt comes with its joys and struggles...

Mostly struggles. 

For one, I have to make a budget and stick to it.  As Dave Ramsey, the king of money straight talk, says, "Tell your money what to do so (the lack of ) it doesn't tell you what to do." 

It's well-documented that my area of greatest spending weakness is clothing.  Going into this debtbusting season I considered going on another hiatus from shopping, but I concluded it would be much more fun to give myself a tiny budget each month and see what I can do with it.  (Plus, I would avoid having to ask myself, "Am I allowed to buy underwear? Is it a need, or will I be cheating?"*)

This month my clothing budget is a whopping $20.**
It's a laughable amount, I know, but that's part of the challenge.

I've found myself obsessed with socks lately.
Socks with boots, socks with sandals, socks with socks.  
At only $2-$6 a pair, it's an inexpensive way to make an outfit look freshity-fresh. Take a look at six socks I bought for a grand total of less than $20.  

*One of life's great moral dilemmas.  
**cha-chinggggg.  I'm in the $$$.
argyle, socks, neon, school girl, school boy, fashion, accessories
Penny loafers: the official shoe of debtbusting, shown here with neon argyle from The Gap.
  "A penny saved is a penny earned." -Benjamin Franklin  
"How many pennies could a penny loafer loaf if a penny loafer could loaf pennies?"
 -Trishawna Quincy
marled, cobalt, peek-a-boo, casual style, shoes, socks, fashion, budget
Peep show...marled $ocks from Target.  
boots, socks, fashion, budget, metallic, western,
Good as gold...metallic stripes from The Gap.
platform, shoe, party socks, fashion, budget, budgeting, debtbuster
 Party worthy...subtle metallic from Topshop.
alphabet sock, platform, colorblock, jeffrey campbell, fashion, socks, accessories, budget
The only thing better than alphabet soup is an alphabet sock.
Delicious & nutritious $ocks by Forever 21.
How 'bout we all agree...I sock, you sock, we all sock.
With a few more months of tight budgets, that will be a pact I can take to the bank.
Triangle $ocks from Forever 21.